Another new blog…

by Jens Alfke ⟿ January 11, 2015

Well, it’s the same blog, I’ve just replaced Jekyll with Hugo. If I’ve succeeded, you won’t be able to tell anything’s changed.

Every couple of years I go through this ritual of porting to a different blogging engine. This blog started out as handwritten HTML, then it went through Movable Type, Drupal, WordPress, Jekyll, and now Hugo.

Each iteration is usually an improvement, but to be honest, the main reason is to have a chance to mess with Web Stuff for a while. My day job is more about lower-level app code (Objective-C, C++, Go), which sometimes feels far away from what The Cool Kids are doing. So these makeovers give me a chance to reacquaint myself with HTML5, CSS, YAML, the templating engine du jour, Ruby, rsync, and so forth.