What I’m Up To In 2014

by Jens Alfke ⟿ January 31, 2014

Couchbase Lite

(Née TouchDB, née Couchbase Mobile) Mobile syncable NoSQL database for iOS. My work project in one way or another since I started at Couchbase in mid-2011. I’m still having fun working on it.

Couchbase Sync Gateway

The companion piece – the glue that lets Couchbase Lite sync with Couchbase Server. It’s been challenging and educational and boundary-stretching, and part of me is sick of working on it because the secret is I’m not a big-data guy. I’ve known for years that I like working on apps better than on servers. But this project had to be done, and I think I’ve done a good job of it and learned a lot.


The font preview/management tool I mentioned a few days ago. I had an itch so eventually I gave in and scratched it. Hopefully I can get the app wrapped up soon and put it in the App Store – that’ll be a first for me.


Mixup is an audio app I’ve been working on intermittently since 2005(!) It’s gone through several iterations of audio APIs – QTKit, AudioUnits, now AVFoundation. I use it to make my mixes, but it never gets quite solid enough to think about releasing. Maybe I’ll focus on it again soon and fix the latest crop of bugs…


  • Despite my best efforts I managed to accumulate another piece of unneeded music gear in 2013: a tiny and ultra-cute Korg Volca analog synth.
  • I’ve been dinking around with Jekyll and HPSTR and LESS to bring this blog to life.
  • I’ve got a short story in my brain that really needs to be written down. It’s been too long since I’ve done any writing.
  • I’ve made a couple of mixes that aren’t up on the website yet; I’ll get those uploaded soon.