New Blog For 2014

by Jens Alfke ⟿ January 27, 2014

This blog kind of ground to a halt in 2011. I think the final straw was having my WordPress hacked and many of the posts defaced with spam links. After that I swore a mighty oath not to have any further trafficking with the wickedness of PHP.

But I still miss blogging (proper blogging not tumblr). Sometimes I have things to say! And apparently back in the day a few people even used to read things I wrote here, which is nice to think about.

I’ve brought the blog back to life in a new form, using Jekyll, a static site/blog generator. It’s been around for a while, and I’ve fooled around with it before, but it never had any decent themes and I was discouraged by the effort it would have taken to build my own from the ground up. But then last weekend I discovered HPSTR, which is exactly what I wanted, a lovely theme with nice touches like scalability from smartphone screens up to big displays. So I installed it, spent a happy day or two hacking away at the fonts and layout, and here we are.