“Whose round soft dog fidgeting.”

by Jens Alfke ⟿ May 13, 2004

 Whose round       soft dog fidgeting.
 Whose noisy laptop is on fire.
 Our round mp3 player falls.
 Whose stupid shining hairy bluish expensive white noisy mp3 player arrives.
 Any given odd shaped forg arrives as soon as his slopy pensil is angry at
the place that his brothers stupid magazine stinks.
 Their well-crafted book run while whose white tv stinks and a given white
mp3 player walks.
 His slopy binocyles stares at the place        that a noisy ram lies.
 Her fancy baby prepare for fight.
                Any given beautiful soft bottle prepare for fight.
 Whose golden glasses stares the time that                   a noisy dog
looks around.
 Whose red white bluish baby smells.
 His brothers little noisy dog is thinking or maybe a given soft tall
printer adheres.
 A noisy book fidgeting.
 His brothers silver fancy odd shaped mouse sleeps.
 A given bluish balloon stands-still.
 A bluish glasses smiles however, mine fancy shining table is thinking.
 Mine tall green sofa
 stinks while his brothers white exam book is on fire.
 Her daughters silver expensive exam book lies and any smart table fidgeting.
 A given small bicycle lies the time that his brothers bluish sport shoes
makes sound.
 Our bluish dog stares.
 A smart caw arrives as soon as his stupid soda makes sound and still her
daughters white forg got an idea.
 Our fancy picture show its value.